Guests checking in at the Hotel Orient remain anonymous. The use of an alias is common & appreciated.


Discretion is the highest imperative in the Hotel Orient. Every guest steps in the hotel for the first time, no matter how many times he has been here before. If you have questions concerning our policy, please contact direktion@hotel-orient.at

Duration of stay

The rate per room is for three hours and two people; an extension is basically possible. Overnight stays are bookable from Saturday to Sunday as well as from Sunday to Monday.


All rooms are equipped with a shower or bathtub and toilet.

Taking pictures & making videos

Film recordings and photography are strictly prohibited in the Hotel Orient.


The Hotel Orient offers breakfast all day.

Whole Night

The rooms can only be booked for a whole night during weekends (Saturday to Sunday, Sunday to Monday). Rates can be found here.

Number of Guests

Usually, room rates apply for two people. Upon prior notice, suits can be occupied by a maximum of eight guests.

Gift cards

Gift cards and vouchers can be purchased via the Internet, or anonymously and around the clock at the reception.


Please direct your requests for a wedding night in the Hotel Orient to direktion@hotel-orient.at

Hotel Bar

The in-house bar is available to guests of the hotel only.


Dogs are welcome, though a deposit needs to be made.

Opening Hours

The Hotel Orient is opened 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Eve-of-Wedding Party

Please direct your requests for eve-of-wedding parties to direktion@hotel-orient.at


Depending on the chosen suite, rates range from 66 to 99 Euros for three hours. Rates for a whole night are only valid for weekends, namely from Saturday to Sunday, and from Sunday to Monday.


Please direct media requests to presse@hotel-orient.at


In the Hotel Orient, smoking is still allowed.


To make a reservation or check room availability, please contact our reception at +43 1 533 72 07.


Next to anonymity, an uncompromising cleanliness is the highest imperative at the Hotel Orient.

Specific Room Requests

Due to organisational reasons it is not possible to book a specific room in advance – with the exception of the weekends where a gift card is used for this purpose. We do however always try to fulfill the wishes of our guests.

Room Service

Room service is always available via phone.